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Apple Carplay and Android Auto Solutions

Solutions with
Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are designed to give you access to a whole new world of in-car connectivity, allowing you to safely use your mobile device (smartphone or compatible tablet) to its full capability.
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double din head unit fitting installation service

Car or Van
Double Din Stereo

At double the height and double the usability of a traditional design, double din car stereos offer more room display, and feature a larger volume dial and bank of features. Many units now include touchscreen.
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Car Navigation GPS fitting installation service

Build in
Car Navigation GPS

These are the GPS units and dash devices you should turn to the next time you're planning a big family road trip or if your daily commute to work is riddled with construction sites and heavy traffic jams. They could very well help you get out of a sticky situation.
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Handsfree Car Kits Bluetooth

Handsfree Car Kit Installation

If you want to stay connected while you're on the road, a handsfree car kit is an essential piece of gear that enables you to safely and legally make and receive calls from behind the wheel.Handsfree car kits are hands-free meaning the audio from your smartphone is routed through your car stereo, so your hands are free to steer the wheel and your gaze can remain on the road ahead. 

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Motorised Screens fitting installation service

Single Din
Motorised Screens units

Single din screens for your car feature motorised, retractable screens. This means they retain all of the usability of a double din system, but only require the space of a single din head unit. They’re perfect for smaller cars where you need to keep your AV units compact, but want to take advantage of all the possible features.

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Roof Mount Screen fitting installation service

Roof Mount Screen

Mounted on the roof of the cabin screens gives everyone in the rear seats a great view of movies, games, TV, whatever you have hooked up. It’s got AUX inputs for connecting various sources, including a gameport.
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Dash Cam fitting installation service

Supply and Fit
Dash Cams

With fraudulent insurance and personal injury claims on the increase, not to mention car-jacking attempts, it is becoming increasingly important to protect our own interests. Don’t be a victim, you can easily protect yourself with a professionally fitted dashboard camera. The camera footage could prove invaluable in the event of being a victim or even a witness to any kind of road incident, thus proving fault and protecting you and your no claims discount.
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Reversing Cameras fitting installation service

Van and Car
Reversing Cameras

A reversing camera is the perfect device to help you avoid those painful crunching sounds from the back of the car. With a camera, you won’t have to worry about hazards behind you like bollards or, worse, someone else’s car. These cameras can be particularly handy if you’ve got a new car that you want to keep in good condition or if a less experienced driver is behind the wheel.
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Video Recording cctv fitting installation service

CCTV Systems

In-car CCTV not only helps deter incidents or abuse but can also help prevent fraudulent claims by providing an objective record of journeys. Our CCTV system features two cameras with 1080p Full HD recording, as well as a PoE switch to power them from the battery. The footage is recorded to onboard Disk ensuring a clear picture even in larger unlit vehicles.
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parking sensors fitting installation service

Supply and Fit
Parking Sensors

A parking sensor is one of the most sensible accessories you can buy, helping you avoid potential hundreds of pounds in damages over the years.

Is there a worse sound than your car scraping when you back into something you didn’t see.


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speed camera detectors fitting installation service

Camera Detectors

These handy devices help you to be aware of the speed limit wherever you are and can detect the radar or laser of a speed camera to alert you and make sure you know to slow down in these dangerous areas. Supported by the UK’s most accurate speed limit database, you’ll never need to guess how fast to go when you use speed camera detector.
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radar laser detection fitting installation service

Radar and Laser Detection

Looking for the best in protection from speeding tickets? We offer installation of the best radar and laser systems available. Our wired installations give you the protection you want while discreetly hiding all of the sensors and electronics for a clean dashboard and windshield free of suction cups.
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Sound Deadening fitting installation service

Application of
Sound Deadening

Sound deadening reduces panel vibration and road noise which helps your audio system sound so much better. Our product range consists of brand leading manufacturers such as Dynamat, Silent Coat and Dodo Mat and we are always happy to offer good honest advice to any custom solution you require.
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Van window fitting

ArmaCat Installation

Get the most out of your car’s sound system with amplifiers. From easy listening all the way to complex installations with outstanding levels of performance and sound quality.
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speakers subwoofer fitting installation service

Speakers & Subwoofer

When it comes to sounds systems, our installers have the experience to ensure your system sounds as good or better in your car as it does in our showroom. We know how to make the right connections and fine-tune your system for incredible sound. Not only do our car speakers sound the part, they look the part – we have designer speakers that will get your perfect sound quality.
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